About us

There are no coincidences.
There was a time that whenever I changed over the channels stories about dogs and ‘human’ relationships were on TV. Guide dogs,  service dogs helping disabled people, switching the lights on and off, opening doors, dogs carrying basket;  response dogs signaling epileptic seizures or abnormality  in diabetes; dogs with the ability smell out traces of cancer and….. therapeutic dogs.

It would be fantastic to try this and be part of it; especially when we know that so many children and adults in our community could benefit from this.

Following a discussion we decided to try these various activities with our two expertly trained dogs. We researched, made enquiries and with Reka, Csabi, Moczy and Bombi started  our preparations.

After a successful exam on the 3rd of June 2011 we went to the “Dog Therapy as a (special) education method” national congress in Szekesfehervar. We listened to various presentations teachers using dog therapy  and organisations with years of experience.

We were told that this work would be very hard but wonderful, and  we are likely to get back so much more than what we give in love and affection.

In Kecskemet  there was no dog therapy organisation at the time. Once we started working with the children and teachers we realised this was what we wanted to do.  More and more people became interested and wanted to join our team.

This is the reason why we established the ‘With Dogs….For A Smile Foundation’ and we try to organise and lay the conditions for a long term work of more and more dog handler teams. Through this, there would be so many more opportunities for children and adults to access these facilites.



Réka Nagy-Juharos


Ágota Juharos MD

president of foundation

secretary of foundation