Through putting many smiles on people’s faces,
our spirit will become richer and richer

The Foundation for training assistant dogs was registered by the registry court under the name of ‘With Dogs for a Smile Foundation’. Our non-profit organisation’s goal is to spread experience and knowledge as wide as possible, and make the work of assistant dogs easily available for the development of children, mentally and physically disadvantaged people to improve their quality of life.

Psychologist and ethologists have observed and studied that a dog and other pets can help people in improving their quality of life and in the recovery of their health.

The use of facility dogs is also beneficial to children’s emotional development. With the help of these dogs it is easier to build a relationships with people  who, due to their illness, are unable or find it difficult to connect with their peers or even health professionals.

Since 2011, the ‘With Dogs for a Smile Foundation’ qualified facility dog- handler teams have frequently attended classes working together educators.  In special schools  we help to improve primary students’ learning abilities,  have dog assisted activities for healthy and ill children  and we help to improve hospitalised patients’ health and speed up their healing process.

Since 2017, we have been training assistance dogs for people with disabilities. These dogs are with the host 24 hours a day and help them to live independently.

We would like to provide and create conditions for long term work of many assistant dog – handler teams. This way many more children and adults will be able to benefit from this wonderful opportunity.


Réka Nagy-Juharos


 Ágota Juharos MD

president of foundation

secretary of foundation