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Hi! I am Rizling. I was born on the second of March,2010 in the kennel of Berek. I was the tiniest in the litter and most of the times when my owner visited me I was sitting on her lap, consequently she could not leave me there so I moved to her house. They found out early that I am really smart. I was seven months old when I pass my hounting exam. After this,we participated on several exams, competitions, huntings and of course I loved all of them. Due to the fact that I am a very active dog and I love different kinds of activities my owner always finds out new things for me so I can’t be bored anytime. One day she had an idea.What if I would like to play with children more often? She was right. This is one of the most enjoyable activity to me. I am very enthusiastic every time when we go to schools to play with children and they always pet me. I am really active in spite of my age so I always make people happy and smile.
You can reach my owner here: csuvaradrienn04@gmail.com