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Hey there, it’s Zsofi. I was born 11st September, 2017 in Zengővárkony on a dog-production yard. At the end of November when I was 9 weeks old a car came into that ruined yard where I was playing with my 10 siblings all day, everyday. Just the two of us has been left, even my brother had a proposant, but nobody wanted me.. i was the smallest of the litter, I’ve been hurt by bigger dogs, my stomach was full of scars.. however, it didn’t make me sad. I run straight to those people who were getting out of that car. My owner-daddy picked me up and I was kissing him welcome, I liked him so much. He didn’t even put me down, just wanted to take me away from this place. He said if I had only three legs, he would take me anyways. I snuggled up to my owner-mommy at the back seat of the car, and I knew then, everything is going to be alright. To tell the truth, I was the childhood dream-come-true to her. Well, I still am.
They started to raise me in love and happiness, I have become a real inside couch-dog really fast. We went for a lot of walk, we had adventures in the woods and the riverside and met lots of other dogs. I even started to go to the local dog-school. My owners noticed my kind temper and good learning skills so when I was half year old they invited a really nice girl to meet me. She played with me and talked a lot to my owners. She is called Moni, and she also thinks that I am very kind and smart. We went to see children regularly who I love to play with because they are fun, we are at the same energy level and they always smell like cookies. Also we were visiting elderly homes which is not that much fun, but in return they patted me a lot and always gave me lovely treats. Honestly, I don’t even know which place I like more to go to…
We were preparing a lot to my temper- and final exam with owner-mommy. She had to learn just as much as me, maybe even a little more… I went by all the difficulties well-done, so from now on I visit children and elderly homes as an official therapy-dog. It gives me a huge proud that I can be the part of the With a dog for a smile foundation, and can make the team stronger as a graduated therapy-dog.
My owner’s reach: czinerdora94@gmail.com