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I was born in a wonderful kennel in Debrecen on 31st August 2014. My first human mother took care of our health, excellent nervous system and balance from the moment of our birth. My new family travelled through the whole country to have me when I was eight weeks old. It was only my birth that has been hard for me. We lead a lively life, we are four of dogs in the family. I have learned a lot of tricks from the others, which I enjoy doing very much but my owner is not happy about it. Up to the age of three my second human mother gave me a lot of love but there was no training and teaching. When I was  three  years old we started to attend a dog training school in Kecskemét so that my owner could learn how to train a dog. I was talented and we practiced a lot at home as well. After a year and a half I took exams and I became a curing dog. Also during my training I often visited my owner workplace, the school. Children are fond of me. I am given a lot of stroking and cuddling. When my owner prepares my kerchief collar I always know where we head for. I run into my classroom, cheerfully from the gate of the school as I know children wait for me. I spend much time in the school but we sometimes visit a nursery or kids who are unable to speak or walk. I love them as well. I don’t really understand why the children are so cheerful and obedient when I am with them but it makes me happy too. I wish all puppies to be given as much love as to me.

Contact: heszter0304@gmail.com