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Hi, my name is Bruno. I was born on 24 February 2015 in Kecskemét, my family is called “With Dogs for a Smile Foundation”. My owner that time already knew I am to be doing great things in my life (though he didn’t think it will be so adventurous), so we’d been playing with human kids since my early age. Then, for a while, I became a real world traveler dog.
In February 2018, I met in Szeged two two-legged (Timi and Enikő) and two buddies (Bonnie & Azure). They were all sympathetic to me, so at the beginning of March, I occupied my final place in Szeged, next to a black furry buddy, Bonnie, the Bernese mountain dog. At home, there are 3 human kid owners too, who I love to play with, but my favourite game is when I get bonus bites from them.
We got around a lot with my owners, we went to a puppy school and we had often been playing in human kid’s kindergarten and elementary school. These were my favorite places and Azure, my dog mate was with me too, from whom I learnt many tiny tricks, and I learnt a lot from Enikő too (owner of Azure), when taking me to interesting places.
Once my owner told me, that my knowledge now is good enough to deserve some paper. We’d practiced a lot and February 22, 2019 has arrived, when we sat in a car and rode to Kecskemét for some exam, where I had to play the same way as before and I tried to do my best, if it was so important to my owner. It’s just the icing on the cake that I did the same exam thing with Enikő owner too, proving my work skills. I’m a really special therapy dog because I have two guides.

Contact: eniko.igaz1976@gmail.com