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I was born in 2014, my full name is Bordermania Fairy Oak, but as long as I remember I have been called Pippa, which- as I later found out- is the name of a cheetah in the story of the spotted sphinx. It was obvious from very early on, that I am very talented, because I was always the first to escape from anywhere and I could jump over anything. However on the day I was to move to my new home, I got a little fever, and woman who visited us a few times ended up taking me home, but she didn’t want to keep me. Of course, even at that time I had more brains than any two legged person, and I quickly realized that this sorry, lazy person and my grumpy uncle who lived with her needed exactly a puppy like me: full of love and energy. Moreover it turned out that they did a sport together where you can run over obstacles at full speed, and the dogs even get a reward for it! To make it short, I decided to stay here. It took me a lot effort and time to convince them, but naturally my will prevailed at the end: who would ever be able to resist so much cuteness? Ever since then, every day is an adventure, my owner says there isn’t a dull minute beside me, and fortunately she arranges a lot of activity for me, so I don’t get bored either. This year I finally was able to accompany her to the ‘I have to go to work’ place too, where I met a whole bunch of two legged puppies, as I’ve become a therapy dog. I don’t really know what a ‘therapy dog’ is, but I’m quite certain I’m better at it than my owner, as she confessed that everyone is happier, more eager and quiet when I hold the lesson. Now, that she finally realized it too, I hope I can show how to love everyone, how to be always keen and happy, and how to perform clever and complicated tricks bravely to many little two legged pups.

Contact: iceblazerkennel@gmail.com