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I’m Dumpling,a blooded farm-related “pot-pourri”,however it’s a fact that,there was one stringy shagged foxhound among my ancestors.My parents guard a raspberry-grower family’s estate,so I learned how to guard a house, in addition to this -at first it may sound a little confusing-,my grandmother  was already famous for her love towards the children.She even let the family’s youngest member to bite her tail.With these ancestors,it would have been a mistake to leave me there,and a woman came, who organises marionett performances for children.It was a jackpot,we were made for each other!

I’ve proved soon that blood is thicker than water,I also adore children,I love to work with them,moreover I obey my master.Okay,let’s be clear my foxhound-behavior sometimes tricks her,since I really like to run around,however my master has solved this problem too: she takes me to agility tranings!

I love it so much,I literally explode in the ground,furthermore I’m always praised,that I can perfectly combine my speed with attention,which is rather hard for my “collegues”.However I know too much,that I’m quite out of common.

Therefore it’s not suprising, that we’ve managed to take the theraphy dog exam,moreover they admited that this work was made for me,they said that I literally fall apart when I wag my tail,if I see a group of children.

We mainly flourish in camps usually,I’m successfull there and I’m able to handle my all day work,however my master is working to integrate me somehow to her marionett performance like a protagonist.

Contact: nillatit@gmail.com