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Even though I’m still very young, I’ve already had an adventurous life behind me. I spent the first three months of my life in a place named Gyúró and I used to called Firka.

Then I just remember I got into a box and traveled for a long time until I finally got out. Now I have real owner, and a “brother”, Zuzu. He is a bit morose boy, but I’ve been in constant friendship with him, now it happens that we are sleeping together on the couch ☺ I have a brand new name: I’m Pilla. The most important thing, that we went to school very often, and thanks to Àgota Juharos, I became so skilled and I was only one year old when I successfully passed. I am now looking forward to new and new challenges as a real therapeutic dog. I really like short and noisy bipeds, especially when they pet me and give me treatsnacks. ☺ Feel free to get in contact with me through my owner:  tucsi1960@gmail.com