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Hi everyone!My name is Lina,I was born on August 20th in 2013.I lived with my family in a hunting lodge until I became 3 monhts-old.I was around 6 weeks old,when a guest came to us.I was curious,so I went to her.Weeks later she came back for me.I’ve missed my family so much,however my master was so kind,and I also had a bearded, dachshund mate around me.We’ve played a lot,and I could swim a lot in summertime.I’ve brought back every single stick from the water.I’ve attended dog school,then my master started teaching me some tricks, I guess about a  year ago.We took an exam,then we started to go among children.I’ve had all sort of jobs,and I really liked them.Days ago I successfully took my final exam.I still need to learn a lot,furthermore I need to practice even more.We still go among children to learn, and to introduce ourselfs.I truly like my new job.

Contact: evancsura@gmail.com