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Hello everyone!I am Shion,a female-husky,however I am often considerd as a white fox.I lived with family for like,6 months,where I was raised,however I didn’t really fit in that family,so after my journey I got to my Master.Dispite that my master’ve always said,that I’m just a tempoary “flock member”,and that I shouldn’t get used to it,I really liked living there,so I swallowed her hearth.There was no escape.I got 3 more flock memebers besides her,and I got used to them pretty early.I love to play the boss over them,moreover I like to get up to mischief with them,-of course only if my master can’t see it-,I love to run alone in the field,-of course only just as far as my master allowes-,in addition to all of this I love to play a role.My master takes me to various noisy,crowded places,where usually everybody stares at me,because they think that I’m a fox.And I LOVE if people are attrected to me,so I can show what I’m capable of doing.However being a star is so tiring,therefore my master has to provide a fitting relaxition for me,that means that we go to the field or to the dyke with our flock,and there we can find some deerhounds,and some other kind of dogs too,I can play the boss over them as well,in case that I’m not dealing with vole-population at that moment.So it’s safe to say that I’m pretty busy,however I’m trying to find a way to find time for everyone,like a good mother superior should do.

Contact: korsosmonika93@gmail.com