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Hi everyone.I am an english springer spaniel, I was born on September 14th, 2013. Miso is my real name,despite this my nickname is Sanyi. I came as a half a year old puppy from the Czech Republic. In the first 3 years of my life I worked as a hound, as a consequence I went to dog shows, there was whre I learned the basics. I didn’t attend a dog school. They said that I would be such a good theraphy dog, that’s when I got to Niki, who started to take me to the dog school.That’s how I ended up being a pensioner hound, however I didn’t miss the pursuit after the beasts, not at all.  I became an examed theraphy dog in January 2018. I love every single second of being among children, and I really love when they care about me. My favourite activity is to play with a ball, moreover I am a typical “couch puppy”.

Contact: braunitzer.niki@gmail.com


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