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zeteelinorMy name is Zete!
I was born in a Labrador Retriever family on the 13th of June 2015. At the early age of five and a half weeks I was taken in by my new owners which was quite a special situation. It was a beautiful summer day when they visited me at my mother´s owners house. At that time I had no idea I already was a therapy dog of sorts, considering that a couple of months earlier my family to be, had lost their beloved dog, and they realized they couldn´t live without a dog even though their hearts still needed some time to heal. I was to become their „medicin”. Me and my five siblings were waiting for them. I walked around this unknown women who I liked from the start and whom I wanted to be my new „mommy”. I decided to go back a few steps and looked at her hoping to be the one picked. Turns out, she was also looking at me, only me and said „I´d like to have him.”. „Daddy” and Orsi liked me too because I was such a good dog. I quickly said goodbye to the others and we were already on our way HOME. I was a pretty good boy, didn´t chew on too many things, learned things very fast and enjoyed going to school in Szolnok where I was called little „Snowflake”. Then, „Mommy” who is a preschool teacher read some articles about the amazing work of therapy dogs and felt that I also hade the qualities to work as one. She was eager to find more information about how I could become a therapy dog and after a while she managed to find Ágota Juharos and the organisation called „Kutyával egy mosolyért Alapítvány” (With a dog for a smile Foundation). Ágota had a determined and consequent educational approach which helped me become a therapy dog in only 9 months. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but I love children, and when „Mommy” dresses me in my working gear I really look forward to meeting the children as soon as possible. I hope that I will be able to help many children, and adults as well, to overcome their difficulties. I´m very proud to be „Zete, the therapy dog”!

You can reach me at my owner: sarinepappe@gmail.com


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