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I was born on may 1st in 2014 to an english cocker spaniel kennel. I was 9 weeks old, when my master and her family came to see us and to do some sort of test with me and  my brothers. Me and one of my little sister were chosen, since my master was looking for little doggies which were able to become therapy dogs, later on.Finally they chose me, and 2 weeks later they came again and then we were on our way to my new home: Makó. They told me in the car, that in my new home a very big, black dog is waiting for me, moreover he is already “working” as a theraphy dog, and his name is Diamond, furthermore if I grow up I will work with him. We arrived, and he was really huge,however he was so friendly, so I just got scared a little bit, and we became friends soon after.

I went to a puppy kindergarten, then to docility and skill trainings as well, I really like to learn new skills, and I never get tired, I am always ready to play. We went to a lot of different places to walk,among lot of strangers,every single one of them always wanted to pet me, and I was so happy about that, I waved my tail,and my master was so happy about it, so she gave me treat.

We learned a lot, we played a lot,we trained a lot…and then all of a sudden, we went to -my master said-take an exam,but I performed well there as well, we successfully took an temperament exam.6 weeks later we hoped into the car (again), and we went to take an other exam (again),my master said that I need to do my best there as well,that I need to turn my attention to him,we were excited, but we successfully took it,so by now I am also a theraphy dog.

Diamond said,that that’s something that I should be really proud of,moreover my master will take me among a lot of children,where they will play so much with me…I am really happy about that,since I will have a very exciting life, I will bring back many-many balls,an I will give a lot of high fives.

Contact: eniko.igaz1976@gmail.com