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Frigyesi -Zuzu

I am Zuzu. They say I was born in 2012, it is not sure, though.
All I remember is that on 9th March 2015, I was reborn, as my master came for me and gave me shelter. I am kind and friendly, so my master thought I might be a therapeutic dog. I am given many jobs and task from her in great attention. So I am always trying to do my best as I feel it is important for her. I love that she is happy. The Great master – who’s name is Ágota – maintains me many work.
For now, I know many things as my master thought me well. There was some kind of exam. I don’t know why my master was nevrous, I did everything just as she told me to do, just like any other time. And instead of being happy and being proud of me, she cried all evening. Who knows women? We commonly get surrounded by small, two-legged creatures, I love them as well very much, sometimes they are noisy and crazy, though, and it’s tiring. But I am a therapeutic dog, and I am proud of my master as we struggled through this rough road. I love wearing the harness, I know that it means: „work.” I hope to meet and make children happy, as many as I can, and make learning more interesting for them as we accompany them. We work with pleasure.
Contact: tucsi1960@gmail.com

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