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12167408_946083765434829_119628599_nI am a Labrador girl, born on the 26th of October 2013. I was studying to be a guide dog at the Blind Guide and Helping Dog School Foundation of Baráthegy until I was a year old. I have been living happily with my owners in Budapest when it was revealed during a medical screening that I had dysplasia or something like that, therefore I could not become a guide dog. My owners were not able to raise me further so they decided to give me away as a gift. Since 27th of December 2014, I have been living in Kecskemét. My new home resembles Noah’s ark. I live with seven cats and an extremely old dog (he is 16!), they were all happy at my arrival. We live together in harmony and peace. We have been training in the dog school since January and have been preparing for the exams. In 2015, we passed the exam with my master, and since then I have been working as a therapeutic dog. You can meet me at presentations and dog day shows. The greatest pleasure in my life is when I can help blind children to adapt the mysteries of the world or if I can go to the kindergarten and schools with my master where I can help the children as a therapeutic dog. I am proud to wear the harness of the Dog for A Smile Foundation, so I can show the world that: Attention! Here come Fig, the therapeutic ‘Wonderdog’!

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