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Sz Mikus HoratioI am Horatio and I am glad that I have finally found my real master. She kept the silly name that was given by my ex-owners who were admirers of the tv show. (According to my pedigree ‘Horatio Caine CSI Miami’, but I reminded my mum friendship and Hamlet. And I can guarantee her!) At first, I did not really like to walk on a leash, nor not to be allowed to poop anywhere I wanted, but I was happy to go to the school as I could be with my mum and meet other dogs. We could play and we could run while we were learning and getting clever. So, I also learnt that mum is always the boss! We also practiced at home, but it seemed playing but only how much I wanted to. I received a lot of praise and pats for it, as they never tell me off, becausee I respond stubbornly when she even starts to raise her voice. I do not like it, I always hide and do not do anything. If they ask in a nice way, I will do everything for them.  I do not leave my mum, not even for a second.  I go to work with her, which is really interesting. We travel together, we play a lot, I can sleep next to her bed and we are both proud of each other. I love Johnny as well, I can not be more relaxed as in his hands. I can recognise if a sick peerson comes in and even if someone is anxious or nervous – it is my duty to relax them and to make them feel better. While they pat me, mum can talk to them. I like to lie down on the Bremer healing bed to sleep beside the patients because I get the energy too. My belly and my legs tingle while I am helping them with their healing. I love children, I overload them with my kisses. I could jump out of my skin just to be with them.  I play a lot with Zsófi and Kende, my mum’s grandchildren, so I get used to the close proximity to children. The presentations are fun, and it feels good to hear the big applause, when I do not even know what is going on. If it is needed I can bark, protect my mum, but if they instruct me to be quiet, though it is very difficult, I do it. I just say softly …woof …

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