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SAM_0415I was born on the 3rd August 2013 in Kovácshida at the Kennel of Mesztegnye. I was nine weeks old when one day some visitors came to see us. I was playing around the kitchen when they arrived. They said, I would live with them and I will become a clever dog when I grow up.  Well – I thought – just give me delicious snacks! (I think the same way since) Soon we started to go to the dog school, where I learnt many tricks: sitting, lying down, running away and back, jumping and staying. In time, I became more and more clever and I knew everything what a therapeutic dog should know. In the spring of 2015 we met with Aunty Ágota and Uncle Norbi. With their help, a few months later, my master’s dream came true and I became a therapeutic dog. After the exam, we started to work immediately (my master calls it ‘work’, but for me this is just fun). I play a lot with children, help them to learn and always make them laugh with the tricks I know, but they can make me laugh too. For example, once my master told the children that my mum was called Milka – then a little boy replied that my dad’s must be called Kinder chocolate.

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