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I was born in Budapest on Aug 24. 2011 along with my 3  brothers.
Two two-legged creatures came to our place on a rainy afternoon. I was very clever because I barked at them very loud. I regreted it, because since than I have been scolded every time I bark in the flat. They made different voices, rattled and pinched me because they wanted turn me into some kind of  therapy dog.
In spite of my bark they brought me home and I was very happy.
A lot of learning waited for me, we went to dog school to Uncle Gyula Csikai who taught me and the masters a lot of things.
Later on at Aunt Ágota’s we were preparing for this special exam where besides a lot of learning I collected friends too. This resulted that my master’s dream could come true and in September 2012 I became a THERAPY DOG.

I go to a lot of shows where I do different tricks with my friends and after these  we get some fine treats so we try to complete everything. I visit children where we learn and practice different tasks together, we have a lot of fun in  birthday parties too.
My favorite pastime is playing, running around and the lying around.
You can contact me through my handler at nagy87betti@gmail.com

IMG_3444  zara  Zara a padban