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Hi, I am Panna and I am a German shepperd.
For I have been living among children since I was a puppy I could not imagine life without them. They are as mischievous, playful and cheerful as I am. What I do not understand though tis hat why is it that they do not like to learn….. I think it is as much fun as playing.
I did like to go to dog school, I was a very industrious pupil and it did get the results soon.
With my master we joined the With Dogs For a Smile Foundation and pass the therapy dog exam.
After the successful exam we deciced to help children understand how good a thing learning was so we keep visiting schools where we have the chance to learn together with a lof ot children……this way it is much more exciting for them.
As we are members of the Lajka Animal and Nature Lovers Association we try to impart knowledge through various activities at different events in a playful manner.

You can contact me through my handler at pbeata82@gmail.com

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