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mila32011-2015. I met my master in 2011 when I was 4 weeks old.She did all kinds of tests with me but of course to me they looked like a great game. First she wanted to choose one of my siblings, a golden one but I fought and followed her whereever she was going so we clicked real fast. She brought me home when I was 8 weeks old and we have been helping each other since. Usually I am a slow and calm doggy as I have always felt that this way for sure I do not hurt the children. Probably that is why my master takes me to them so often and frankly speaking I enjoy all the work we do together. In 2013 I became a therapy dog and have been making a lot of children and adults happy with my presence, tricks and assistance in many institutions and events. Since my master prepares a similar golden boy to this kind of job I have been also doing my best (and act fast) to show her that I can do all that is needed as well. In the last few months I learned a lot of new tricks and intend to spend the coming years as an active member of the therapy dog community. You can contact me through my handler at teller.gina@gmail.com mila4  CameraZOOM-20131216112211472  CameraZOOM-20131216112237888