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lunaI am a labrador and golden retriever mix, a girly.

Unfortunately my previous masters could not keep me because of moving, so “Baráthegyi Vakvezető és Segítő Kutya Iskola” Foundation took me on where I almost became a guide dog. On a check-up we found out that my hip is deformed a little so I could not be one. Actually I did not think this was a real problem but the rules are the rules.
Fate however did want me to be an assistance dog. So in July 2013 I moved to my current master, Réka so that she could train me into one.
I proved to be such a smart, skillful and talented dog that I could prepare for and pass the exam in one month.
Thanks to this we could start seeing first graders in two elementary schools in September to improve their learning experience.
I help the teacher in PE, reading and maths classes. I thoroughly enjoy these times, mainly when all those many children come around me and pour their love on me. On these occasions I collect a lot of pettings and treats. I do not go even near our car until I get my 1 hour treat.
The kids really enjoy these classes and look forward to seeing me. At the end of the school year I received a lot of presents, treats, a ball, drawings and photos of their own dogs.
When there is no school I practice with Master Blanka, for example she practices on me how to feed a dog with pebbles….. I don’t mind though as I am a therapy dog.

You can contact me through my handler at juharosreka@gmail.com

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