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IMG_1774I’m a cream Golden Retriever. I can say I am extremely lucky.  I was born  as the son of a caring mother dog at a responsible breeder’s. I was more lively than my siblings. One time I tried to climb out of the kennel, the skin on my back was torn, an ugly wound formed on my shoulder and nobody wanted me.  So I was left behind, it was a bit bad, but my mum cared for me. On a Monday I was bathed  and my breeder was waiting very excitedly. Somebody rang the bell. A women came in, bent down, stroked me, we snuggled and she said crying ” You are my puppy”.
I did’nt understand why she was crying if she was happy  that I was her puppy but than I found out that her old dog had died not too long before. She put me in her car and we went home excitedly. I liked my new home, I was locked out from the rooms by baby bars so that I could chew only that I was allowed.
I was a flawless puppy I just did not like going to that dog school too much and once I even pretended to be sick to be accounted for. My master looked for another dog school for me, that is how I was taken to Népsziget where my life changed and I became a smart, certified dog. Afterwards we started on the preparatory program of the With Dogs For a Smile Foundation where I found a lot of new friends. We have been working together since – I am the “toy collector dog”. I hope to see you on one of the presentations!
You can contact me through my handler at tofalvitekla@gmail.com

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