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Hi, my name is Berci. I’m a black male labrador who’s life suddenly changed.

Unfortunately, I  had bad experiences in my childhood, I was hurt by both people and animals. I only tried to be unnoticed and survive, then I had a gleam of hope. One day a strange being found me and took me to a new place, my new home, where I live with her now. I was only about 10 months old when I got there, but with her I could be a happy puppy again. In those days I  had no idea that my mummy would ever surprise me, soon she started to teach me some tricks, we went to places where I made new dog friends and had lots of fun with them. After a while we went somewhere where I was greeted by little people called children. We have been going there for a long time. I play with them, get lots of treats, I love them and they love me.

I hope it will go on like this forever.

You can contact me through my handler at korsosmonika93@gmail.com

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